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Camping and Coffee

Everything is better when camping in the great outdoors. Camp food, and especially camp coffee, is always better. And let’s not forget why we are there to begin with: adventure, fresh air, nature, peace, exploration, contentment, and more.

Folklore-Coffee is the perfect coffee to bring with you on any camping trip or other outdoor adventure.

Folklore-Coffee Is Perfect Coffee For Camping

Camp Coffee & Folklore-Coffee LLC

My name is Tim, and along with my wife Nancy, I am one of the owners of Folklore-Coffee LLC.

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the outdoors. Camping, hiking, fishing, overlanding, and bushcrafting. I always want to know what’s over the next rise, what’s around the bend in the trail, what lies at the base of the valley, what the lake to the east on my canoe tripping map looks like. I like exploring. And while it’s usually tame and safe, I love the sense of adventure I feel when doing just that.

While enjoying my outdoor adventures, I always find the time for a break to write in my leather-bound journal and brew up a cup of coffee. Sitting, relaxing, writing, reflecting on the things I have seen and done, and sip a hot cup of my Pecos Bill or Sasquatch Folklore-Coffee Roast.

While the outdoors have always been a large part of my life, I only started drinking coffee about ten years ago. I was on a camping trip with my wife. It was a cool morning. I opted to have a cup to warm myself up. It was good. In fact it was better than good. I was hooked.

A few weeks later I was off on a solo canoe trip into the Boundary Waters and I packed along some coffee.

The Great Outdoors With Folklore-Coffee

An Idea Is Born: Folklore-Coffee

Folklore-Coffee is perfect for those who love getting outdoors and enjoying a darn good cup of coffee.

It was an early May camping trip near the Gunflint Trail in the Minnesota’s Arrowhead where the idea to start a coffee drop shipping company was born.

My wife and I were up early and making a pot of cowboy coffee with an old camp percolator. We heard a loud knock in the forest that seemed strangely out of place among the other sounds of morning. She joked it was a sasquatch and that he could small our coffee, and that he or she probably wanted some. We both chuckled at the thought of bigfoot walking out of the forest with a coffee mug in hand asking for a pour of our morning brew.

It was the start of the idea that would fuel Folklore-Coffee.

Folklore-Coffee: Adventure & The Outdoors

I wanted Folklore-Coffee to be unique and focus it for a specific group of people – people who enjoy spending their time in the outdoors hiking, camping, canoe tripping, overlanding, and bushcrafting. People like me who love exploring and seeking adventure with friends, family, and even in quiet solitude. People like me who enjoy tall tales and the blend between facts and fiction that forms folklore.

The coffee of course had to taste great, and that meant craft roasting in small highly controlled batches. It also had to come in a paper Kraft bag for a more authentic pioneer feel, with a catchy label that ‘spoke’ to people about adventure, amazing stories, mystery, and the unknown.

While anyone who buys Folklore-Coffee will be sure to enjoy it, it does have a specific niche type of person in mind.

Bushcraft Camping With

Take Folklore-Coffee Camping

Take Folklore-Coffee along on your next camping trip, be it hiking, canoe tripping, RVing, or whatever. You will be surprised how good it tastes – how much better it tastes than your usual brand, and how it just ‘feels’ right. It will fit into any outdoor adventure you have planned.

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