Brew Basics

Everyone has various likes and dislikes when it comes to coffee. Tastes, roast preferences, strong coffee, weak coffee, more water less grind, more grind less water, etc...

If you are new to coffee and looking to begin exploring the vast combinations of brewing techniques that will make your preferred cup of joe, then our basic brew tips will get you started in the right direction. Start simple and expend from there.

Keep in mind that the two brew tips below are just a smidgen of what you can learn regarding coffee. Coffee is always changing. New recipes and new techniques are always on the horizon. And why not? Coffee, after all, is the most consumed beverage on the entire planet.

Let's take a quick look at a couple basics for brewing coffee.

The Golden Ratio, Water to Coffee:

The so called ‘Golden Ratio’ of coffee to water is two tablespoons of coffee per every six ounces of water.

The golden ratio is a great place to start whether you are new to brewing your own coffee and switching roasts and needing to dial in.

Here at Folklore Coffee six ounces of our favorite roast (Pecos Bill) is never enough. We typically start our day with a 15oz mug, 11oz of water, and three tablespoons of coffee.

Coffee Bean Grind Options:

When you buy Folklore Coffee’s premium craft roasted coffee, you have the option of purchasing whole bean, drip grind, course grind, or espresso/fine grind. The different grind names relate to the size of the individual coffee grounds.

So which grind should you likely use? Well, that depends on how you prefer to brew your coffee. The picture below shows our grind options and what brew methods they are commonly used for.

Many Ways To Brew:

The two tips above just scratch the surface when it comes to brewing coffee. There are literally hundreds of great books that go into details far beyond the Golden Ratio and grind types mentioned above.

Further things you can learn about brewing coffee include, but are not limited to: water temperature, types of water, types of beans, soil types, growth altitudes, wetting the grind, brew time, under extraction, over extraction, natural flavors, single origin, blended origins, cream additives, milk additives, etc...

Folklore Coffee Delivery Service:

And be sure to check out the great savings when you subscribe to our monthly coffee subscriptions. You can save as much as 5 to 8 percent and get our coffee drop shipped to your door once or twice per month. It's a great way to always have craft coffee on hand for the best peak flavor brewing.