Common FAQs:

Retailers: Inquires about carrying Folklore Coffee in your stores and coffee shops can be sent to info@folklorecoffeellc.com.

Coffee Delivery Service: Folklore Coffee provides stand alone ordering as well as a Coffee Delivery Subscription Service. When you subscribe to our Home Coffee Delivery Service, you save 5 to 8 percent on your order.

What is craft coffee: Craft coffee is the roasting of coffee beans in highly controlled small batches with higher attention to the roasting process. Craft coffee is what we sell under the the Folklore Coffee LLC brand. Our coffee is roasted upon receiving our customers' orders, and then left as a whole bean or ground per order instructions. It is shipped to arrive at your door in time for peak flavor brewing.

The big brand roasters that work in mass/bulk produced coffee found in grocery stores, as well as the large drive-up coffee chains, is likely two to three months being post roasted when it reaches consumers - well past it's peak brewing time.

What is peak flavor brewing: Coffee enters peak flavor for brewing and tasting 6-8 days after roasting and lasts 20 to 30 days after roasting.

Peak flavors begin to diminish past 30 days from roasting. All of our coffee is packaged in resealable bags that have one-way air valves. The air valves work to expel bean off-gassing after roasting, keep CO2 out, and keep your coffee as fresh as possible.

How long will it take to get my coffee order: Typically 7-10 days for domestic orders, in time for peak flavor when you brew your coffee. Non-domestic orders can take longer. Once an order is placed it will be roasted and ground within 2-4 business days. After roasting and packaging your coffee will ship that day or the next business day. Shipping time can be longer depending on weather and holidays.

Who is Temecula Roasters: They are our partnered roasting company as seen on our product label. You should receive an email confirmation from them upon order. Temecula handles the craft roasting process, Folklore Coffee LLC is one of our brands.

What is the difference between the various types of coffee grinds: You want to select the correct grind that matches how you prefer to brew your coffee, as the correct grind to brew method makes a difference to your coffee’s flavor. At Folklore Coffee you can order Whole Bean, Drip, Course, or Espresso (fine) grinds.

  • Whole Bean: For people who like to grind their own beans at home for whatever brew method they prefer. Grinding directly before brewing provides more flavor.
  • Drip Grind: Best suited for people who use coffee makers with drip through brewing.
  • Course Grind: Best for French press, cold brew, and pour over brew methods.
  • Espresso Grind (fine): Best for Moka pots and Espresso.

My coffee came in a black or white bag, not a Kraft bag: This may rarely happen as a result of the paper Kraft bags being on back order from the supplier. As many are aware there is a shortage and supply issue for a great many products. These shortages sometimes affect what bags are available to package with. We strive to stay ahead of shortages, but will ship coffee as needed so it arrives as quickly as possible for peak flavor brewing.

Why am I being charged shipping: All coffee ordered to domestic locations within the United States are not charged shipping at time of checkout. Non-domestic coffee orders are charged shipping at time of checkout.

All merchandise orders no matter of ship to location are charged shipping at time of checkout.

Is the merchandise fulfilled from the same location as the coffee: No. All coffee orders are processed by our roasting company. All merchandise orders are processed by various print on demand companies through Printify.

What is the order process for coffee: 

  1. Once your order is placed it goes into the processing que. Within 24 hours you will receive an order confirmation from Temecula Roasters (our roasting company).
  2. Within 2-4 days your order is roasted and ground to your specific selections. Immediately after roasting and grinding your coffee is placed in its sealed Kraft bag. The coffee bag label is attached to the bag when the roasted beans are still warm inside! The coffee is then prepped for shipping. You should receive shipping & tracking information in or around this phase from Folklore Coffee LLC.
  3. Shipping may occur the same day of roasting or depending on the time of day it may not ship until the next business day.
  4. Domestic coffee orders arrive 7-10 days after roasting – at the onset of peak flavor. Non-domestic orders can take several days longer.

Subscription Access & Cancelation: If you created a monthly or biweekly coffee subscription during a previous checkout, you can access your subscription at anytime and change preferences or cancel as needed.

There are three ways to access your subscription information:

  1. Login to your account (if you created one): Click on the tiny "person" icon at the top right of any page and login using your order email and password.
  2. Check your emails: In the subscription confirmation email you originally received after your initial subscription order was placed, there is a button/link "Manage Subscription". Click on that link and it will take you to your Folklore Coffee Subscription Page.
  3. Click on the tiny "person" icon at the top right of any page and create an account using the email address you used when you placed your initial subscription order. In so doing, you will be able to access all orders processed under that email address, as well as click on a button/link "manage subscription".