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Folklore Coffee

Sasquatch - Medium Roast

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Our Sasquatch roast is a single origin organic bean from Peru with delicate hints of smooth chocolate and citrus. If you are looking for an exceptional gourmet cup of coffee, this is it. Well balanced with full body and low acidity.

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Folklore Coffee is premium craft roasted. Our roasts are made from beans harvested all around the world, sustainably grown and ethically sourced. (More About Us)

Hoax or just an exceptionally rare creature, depictions of Sasquatch have been found on petroglyphs going back 1000 years in California. Spanish and Mexican explorers also wrote about ‘dark watchers’ stalking and observing them in the Southwest. Teddy Roosevelt, former American President, explorer, hunter, and decorated soldier wrote about an encounter with one that occurred in Idaho in his 1893 book The Wilderness Hunter.