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Folklore Coffee

Paul Bunyan - Dark Roast

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Folklore Coffee’s darkest roast, full of flavor, and one of our best sellers. Six different coffee beans from all around the world, meticulously blended into a delicious tasting experience like no other. Enjoy hints of chocolate, floral, and fruit. People are always surprised how much they enjoy our Paul Bunyan roast.

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Folklore Coffee is premium craft roasted. Our roasts are made from beans harvested all around the world, sustainably grown and ethically sourced. (More About Us)

From Maine, to Canada, the Northern Midwest, all the way west to California, and north to Alaska, Paul Bunyan was a mighty lumberjack of unparalleled strength, speed, and skill. Many tall tales over the years have him eating massive amounts of eggs and hotcakes every morning, forming the lakes of Minnesota with his blue ox, Babe, the Winter of Blue Snow, ham hock griddle skating, and many other amazing tales that have spread far and wide.