Folklore Coffee: The Best Monthly Coffee Subscription

The Best Monthly Coffee Subscription

Looking for the best monthly coffee subscription, then look no further than Folklore Coffee. We focus on drop shipping premium craft coffee roasted in micro batches upon order and delivered to your front door in time for peak flavor brewing.

It’s that simple.

Folklore Coffee’s Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

More and more people who enjoy a great cup of coffee are turning to monthly coffee subscriptions. And the reason is simple: there is a noticeable difference between bulk produced coffee the large companies sell in all the big grocery stores, and the coffee being roasted by craft roasters.

Folklore Coffee Monthly Coffee Subscriptions Available

Did you know roasted coffee tends to lose its freshness and a great deal of its flavor 30 days after it’s roasted? A monthly coffee subscription allows you to always have fresh coffee on hand at home or the office.

Mass produced coffee is likely 2-3 months post roast by the time it’s purchased off the store shelf. While micro crafted coffee, like what we sell at Folklore Coffee, is roasted and shipped to arrive at your door within ten days. Our coffee arrives in time for peak flavor brewing.

Ever have a premium craft roasted coffee before? Folklore Coffee has the best fresh coffee subscriptions available. Depending on how often you brew and drink coffee, you will have the option of a monthly coffee subscription or a biweekly coffee subscription.

Save Money With Our Fresh Coffee Subscriptions

That’s right, at Folklore Coffee you can save money with monthly coffee subscriptions. When you sign up for one of our fresh coffee subscriptions you have the choice of a monthly reorder or a biweekly reorder.

Signing up for a monthly subscription will save you 5% per bag ordered. If you need coffee delivered more often you can sign up for our biweekly option, which will save you 8% per bag of coffee ordered.

Folklore Coffee The Best Monthly Coffee Subscription

We currently sell our Folklore Coffee roast in 12oz and 16oz bags. When you sign up for Folklore Coffee's Best Monthly Coffee Subscription, you are required to stay signed up for a minimum of two orders. After that you can cancel at any time.

Folklore Coffee Has Amazing Craft Coffee

Currently at Folklore Coffee we carry eight different craft roasts. What makes our coffee the best monthly coffee subscription service? Amazing craft roasted coffee, of course

It’s impossible to beat fresh craft roasted coffee

Only after you place your order is your coffee prepped for fulfilment. That means your coffee beans are not even roasted and ground (or left whole depending on your selections at ordering), until after you place your order. Our coffee bag label is applied to the Kraft paper bag when the beans are still warm inside, and ships that same day or the next business day – now that’s premium craft coffee!

Typical order process time for domestic orders is 7-10 business days from when you order. And there are no shipping charges on domestic coffee shipments from our online store.

It’s that level of freshness that has people buying monthly coffee subscriptions, and none do it better than Folklore Coffee.

Folklore Coffee Monthly Coffee Subscriptions And Drop Shipping

Our Available Coffee Roasts For Subscription

All of our roasts at Folklore Coffee are themed around legendary creatures as well as characters. If you are familiar with Tall Tales and North American Folklore, then many of our themed roasts will be known to you.

More information on all of roasts can be found on their individual website pages here at Folklore Coffee.

  • The Jackalope: A blended light roast
  • The Sasquatch: A single origin medium roast
  • Pecos Bill: A blended medium-dark roast
  • Paul Bunyan: Our darkest roast, blended from six different origins
  • Rip Van Winkle: Medium roast, aged for 30 days in a whiskey barrel before roasting
  • The Yeti: A medium roast blend perfect for cold brew and nitro
  • The Scarecrow: Medium roast with all-natural pumpkin spice flavors
  • Krampus: A medium roast with all-natural candy-cane flavoring

A Monthly Coffee Subscription Gift!

We all know someone who loves their coffee, and Folklore Coffee’s premium craft roasts make for a fantastic monthly coffee subscription gift.

It doesn’t matter who that person is, if they like great coffee they’ll love getting the gift of a coffee subscription from Folklore Coffee. The coffee is excellent, and the bag and label look fantastic – they will enjoy showing and sharing their gift.

A monthly coffee subscription gift can last for a few months, a year, two years, and beyond. And the person you give it to will thank you immensely.

When you sign up for a monthly coffee subscription as a gift you can change your subscription or cancel at any time after your second order goes through.

Folklore Meets Coffee

A monthly fresh coffee subscription is the way to go to ensure you always have the best tasting coffee ready for brewing. At Folklore Coffee, we combine the niche of folklore with coffee, and our Kraft bags with distinctive roast labels look fantastic – they stand out on a shelf or in your coffee niche at home.

Looking for the best monthly coffee subscription – then check out Folklore Coffee and get some!

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