Folklore-Coffee Is For Explorers & Adventurers

You Are An Explorer

You seek what can only be found in The Great Outdoors. On the surface you feel compelled to go backpacking and camping. Perhaps you push yourself harder and seek roads less traveled where few have tread, through bushcrafting, deep wilderness canoe tripping, off road overlanding, and remote minimalist camping.

You have a strong desire to explore, to view first-hand what is beyond the hills before you, what’s around the bend in the trail ahead, what lies at the base of the valley, or what the lake to the east on your faded map looks like . . . You know you will push on. It’s who you are.

Folklore-Coffee Is For Explorers, Canoe Tripping

You Seek Adventure

It’s adventure you desire, as well as knowledge of the unknown. It’s the opportunity to feast your eyes upon the beauty of the world and experience new wonders firsthand, and share it with others through stories and pictures.

You spend hours researching future expeditions and planning your journeys. You have maps, books of lore, and copious amounts of personal notes. You have skills many do not. You have knowledge. You have a connection to this world most do not and cannot understand.

You are one of a special few, and adventure is calling.

Are you ready? Of course you are. You are always ready.

Folklore-Coffee Is For Adventurers, Remote Tent Camping

Folklore-Coffee Is For Explorers & Adventurers

My name is Tim, and along with my wife Nancy, I am one of the owners of Folklore-Coffee LLC.

I created Folklore-Coffee because I love the outdoors and enjoy a darn good cup of coffee. Everyone says food is so much better when camping. The same applies for coffee.

Folklore-Coffee Paul Bunyan Dark Roast, Perfect For Outdoor Adventures Such As Camping, Hiking, Bushcrafting, RVing, Overlanding, And More.

Folklore-Coffee is about simpler times, when myths and legends lived large, when fact and fiction blurred together into tall tales. It’s for people who enjoy nature, fresh air, the wind in their face, a glowing campfire, and much more that can only be experienced outdoors.

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